Smart Kegchanger

The Smart Kegchanger system will give you more time to serve your customers than your Keg store, Empty Kegs can be changed in the off peak time. Stainless steel Fobs and a smart control box will give you an economical way to double dispensing time. Also smaller Keg’s can be used in cases where space (and heavy lifting) is at a premium.
Size: 370mm*320mm*150mm
Power supply: 24v ac
Power usage: Keg connection standard: 3/8 line
Exit connection standard: 3/8 line













Guarantee: 3 years

The Core Components Smart Keg Changeover system automatically switches beer delivery from an empty keg to a full keg. Systems can delivered that handle up to six kegs.







Allows 2 kegs to be connected at the same time.
This saves the user from having to change the keg every time it empties.


      • Prevents disruption and keeps the customer satisfied
      • Utilises two long life stainless steel Fobs
      • Maximises Beer sales
      • Reduces Beer Lines
      • More savings, more Profit
      • Custom Designs to suit any specific need.

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