Core Keg Changeover

A brand-new product for 2021, the Core Keg Changeover allows you to connect two kegs to one beer line. Using our custom-made Actuator and 3-way Valve, when one keg empties, it will automatically switch to the second keg attached and you can continue pouring without any loss of beer. Also, when the power is shut off, the 3-way valve automatically turns to a 45° angle, thus restricting the flow of beer until power has been restored, keeping the flow count on the digital display accurate.

The included digital display can tell you how many litres (or fluid ounces) you have poured using an attached Ultrasonic Flowmeter. The matching LED’s will let you know which keg is active (Green LED will light up) and if the keg is empty (Red LED will light up).

The attached FOB Detectors are customisable to your needs.

Core Monitor

Another new product for 2021 is the Core Monitor.

This uses the same technology as the Core Keg Changeover but only connects to one beer line.

It will allow you to track the volume of beer you pour (either in Litres or Fluid Ounces) using the attached Ultrasonic Flowmeter.

Like the Core Keg Changeover, the included FOB Detector can be fully customisable.

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