How it Works!

Core Components quality patented FOB Detectors

Maximise your profits through sales of ‘Wasted Beer’.

Reduce Beer Waste
Maximize profits!
Satisfy your Customers
Stainless steel Fob Detectors designed to eliminate certain hygiene problems of most other fob detectors.
Self sealing spring-action venting mechanism external to the beer flow.
Rotating Vent faciliting easy 360′ installation of vent line.
Symmetrically shaped float means no unhygienic guide pins and screws.
Fully tapered base prevents the build up of beer stone in the corners.
Optimal Sight glass seal which eliminates unhygienic gaps unlike typical face groove design.


A long life Fob Detector based on Solid State construction
Food grade stainless steel
Precision CNC machined components
Can be dismantled without the use of tools
Quick release system, on venting and float lifter
Full spare part list available.
Custom designs to suit any specific need.