A unique vent and rinse system

to clean out vented foam in between

routine line cleaning.

Prevents back contamination

Core Vent & Rise System
Component Description Availability
FEX PU06 6mm Straight Push Fitting 10, 50 or 150 pack
FEX PV06 6mm Elbow Push Fitting 10, 50 or 150 pack
FEX PU6x4 6 x 4mm Soft Vinyl Tubing 1, 50 or 200m length
FEX Tap3/4x6 3/4" Thread to 6mm Push Fitting Pack of 10

In traditional beer dispensing systems, vented beer/gas will sit in the line until the next periodical cleaning cycle, typically 14 – 25 days. In this time/period bacteria can grow and build up.

This can be prevented with the Core Vent & Rinse   System, by simply flushing the vent/bleed lines with clean water. This can be done after every keg change, daily or with a programmable timer automatically.

  • Self-sealing Vent Mechanism.
  • Easy connection to Water Mains.
  • Push-Fit Connectors for quick and easy installations.
  • Several vents can be connected in-line or on panels
  • Push-Fit Connectors come in packs of 10, 50 & 150.
  • Soft vinyl tubing comes in 1m, 50m or a coil of 200m.