Savings Calculator

The Return on Investment when installing a Core Components Fob Detector.

Enter your figures into the boxes and calculate your potential savings…

A Line Length m.
B Kegs Used kegs per week
Line Diameter cm
C1 Beer Saved per Keg
C2 Beer Saved per Week
D Beer Cost (euro) per litre
E Beer Sale Price (euro) per litre
F Profit (euro)
per litre
X Savings Per Week (euro)
Y Cost Per Fob (euro)
Z Weeks for Return on Investment
Savings Per Year (euro)
Savings Per Year (euro)
Less Fob cost
Figure A – Beer line length from keg to cooler to tap (in metres)
Figure B – Beer usage, i.e. number of kegs per week
Figure C1 – Litre savings per keg
Figure C2 – Litre savings per week
Figure D – Cost of Beer per litre
Figure E – Retail price of beer, per litre (€1.50/0.3 ltr glass)
Figure F – Profit per litre = E-D
Figure X – Savings per week = F x C2
Figure Y – Cost per Fob Detector*
Figure Z – Number of weeks before Cash Return On Investment = Y/X
Average Savings per year – X multiplied by 50 weeks per year

Total Savings – Subtract €75* as FOB Detector cost only in the first year.D, E, F have to be changed to suit the beer price which will directly influence the total saving.
These calculations are approximate and cannot be used for an exact quotation.
*Cost for FOBXXX on 23/03/2014

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